Also employing a combination of light and radio frequency, Elos Motif can thermally destroy hair follicles and help prevent the regrowth of unwanted or unattractive hair. This treatment can help both women and men.  Dr. Good will meet with you to discuss your hair removal goals and determine the best treatment for your condition. Typically, a number of treatments are required. Treatments are pain-free.





Before you receive Motif Hair Removal treatments, it's ideal that clients refrain from both indoor and outdoor tanning for at least 30 days prior to treatment. This also includes unnecessary sun exposure. We recommend using SPF 30 or higher when sun exposure cannot be avoided.

With Motif laser hair removal, just about all skin types can be treated safely and effectively. The key is Motif's combination of light-based and radio- frequency technology that targets hair. We can help you achieve permanent hair reduction in a few sessions.

Motif's cooling burst makes treatment comfortable and Dr. Good can also apply a topical cream to numb the area.

Motif is your no-downtime technique to get rid of unwanted hair. patients can return to their normal routine almost immediately.

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*Note: Results May Vary From Person to Person