Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment using a sterile surgical scalpel to shave the top layer of your skin gently. This treatment painlessly exfoliates the dead skin layer rids your skin of dirt and vellus hair (peach fuzz) which is why it’s such a popular treatment!  It can be done by itself, or added onto other treatments.

Dermaplaning should not be confused with dermabrasion, where your aesthetician uses a high-speed, rotating brush to exfoliate your skin. Instead, Dermaplaning uses a scalpel or a tool called a Dermablade.  It is a wonderful add-on to our Diamond Glow facial, which does include microdermabrasion.

Dermaplaning takes about 20 minutes and feels like a light scratching on your skin. This treatment can be done every 3-6 weeks or when your face need to be exfoliated and peach fuzz grows back.  The hair will not grow back thicker or darker!

Dermaplaning has a few side effects that may include a slight redness in your face right after the treatment, but the procedure is very low-risk.

There is no downtime with a dermaplaning treatment, and you will notice your skin looking brighter immediately after treatment. However, it may take a few days to appreciate the results of dermaplaning. Dermaplanning isn’t permanent. The procedure clears away up to three weeks worth of dead skin cells. After three weeks to a month, you may need another dermaplaning treatment.

After dermaplaning, take care to avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen after dermaplaning, and

  • Avoid extreme heat for three days
  • Do not use scrubs or exfoliants for up to one week
  • Avoid chlorine for one week
  • Apply serums and moisturizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Drinking tons of water, Gatorade, or energy drinks is not always the best way to refuel. In some cases, it would be better if you replenished electrolytes and other nutrients through IV hydration that refreshes like water and replenishes your body with nutrients instantly.

IV therapy is a standard procedure that is very safe when done by an experienced medical professional such as a registered nurse.  Our nurses are primarily ER nurses with tons of experience and they are supervised by our medical director, Robyn Sessler, a Family Nurse Practitioner.

There is a small risk of infection with an IV, as there is with any break in the skin.  We are fully licensed medical professionals who have the highest safety measures in place to minimize the potential for infection. There is a risk of bruising, redness or itching around the injection site.  Sometimes even the most skilled nurse can’t get a slippery vein on the first try.  IV’s can be a bit painful for some people, but there are tricks we have of making this as comfortable as possible for you!

If you have a heart condition like CHF or any type of kidney disease, you may not process high volumes of fluids or vitamins all at one time. If you are ill, we would prefer you not come into our office.  Our immunity boosters are ideally to prevent illness or help your recovery after the acute stage is over.

You may feel the effects immediately, and the average IV treatment lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour.

If you are healthy, IV therapy once or twice a month should be enough to give your body the proper nutrients it needs.

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