Laser Hair Removal Kennebunk ME

Our laser hair removal treatment is the ultimate solution for removing unwanted body hair for any skin type.

With this treatment, target body hair is removed, and patients see a permanent reduction in growth and finer hair in the target area.

Remove unwanted hair for good

Our laser hair removal treatment gets rid of unwanted hair and prevents regrowth in the target areas.
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Laser Hair Removal | Everglow Medical Aesthetics - Kennebunk, ME

Focus Areas

Laser Hair Removal full body

Real Results for Smoother Skin

Laser-Hair-Removal-chestLaser Hair Removal Chest After
Laser Hair RemovalLaser Hair Removal Underarm After
Laser Hair Removal Underarm beforeHair Removal Underarm

Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment removes unwanted hair and permanently inhibits the growth of hair in the target area. This results in finer hair and less hair as it regrows. Patients will need touch up treatments once or twice a year, but most people are thrilled with the reduction in thick unwanted hair.

Patients experience minimal or no discomfort during the laser hair removal procedure.

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